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Finished 08 / 08 / 2023
€ 21.010
€ 20.000
€ 50.000
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    A digital Jacobin number of your choice.

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    Annual subscription to Jacobin Magazine, with access to the magazine, in web or PDF format, and to the contents.

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    Special subscriber

    A two-year subscription to Jacobin Magazine, which allows access to the magazine, in web or PDF format, and exclusive content for subscribers.

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    Two-year subscription + digital books: ABCs of Capitalism and The ABCs of Socialism.

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    Biannual digital subscription + ABCs of Capitalism + The ABCs of Socialism + Registration to the Socialist Training School (2023)

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    The same advantages as the associate. Lifetime digital subscription + ABCs of Capitalism + The ABCs of Socialism + Registration to the Socialist Training School (2023).

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About this project

Help us so that Jacobin América Latina can continue to exist and we will give you a thank you gift.

Needs Task Minimum Optimum
Intellectual production
Articles, translations and publications for Jacobin's website and print magazine.
€ 2.000
Online and in-person dissemination activities.
€ 3.000
Magazine printing
Printing of two issues of the printed magazine.
€ 6.000
Articles for the web edition and the printed magazine.
€ 1.000
Website maintenance
€ 1.000
Additional issues of the printed magazine
Cost of printing and design of additional or special issues of the printed magazine.
€ 12.000
Needs Material Minimum Optimum
Design and illustration of the printed magazine
€ 6.000
International conferences
Organization of the annual international meeting "Socialism of our time".
€ 12.000
Needs Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Management, distribution and general editing tasks.
€ 1.000
Web innovation
Website updating and optimization.
€ 6.000
Total € 20.000 € 50.000

General information

Jacobin needs you!

In recent years, Jacobin Latin America has established itself as one of the leading left-wing publications in the region. Now we need your collaboration to continue to exist and keep publishing highquality interviews, articles, reviews and magazines.

The experience of the first two years of Jacobin América Latina was very successful: 7 issues, thousands of articles published, digital books and almost two million readers. We have done everything with a very small team, without money and depending a lot on militant work. This guarantees our political independence, without relying on external interests or financiers.

But in Latin America it is twice as difficult to keep alive a medium of Jacobin's quality and characteristics, even more so in a context of economic crisis and global inflation.

The vertiginous increase in the price of paper and distribution is making it impossible to maintain the project as it has existed up to now. In Buenos Aires, where our printing plant is located, prices have quadrupled in just a few months and will probably continue to rise. We want to continue to maintain an accessible price, so that not only a small elite can access the magazine. That's why we need your support now. This is the only way Jacobin can continue to appear and grow.

What is the project about?

We work day and night at Jacobin because we are convinced that there is a need for a high-quality medium, that is also linguistically and graphically attractive, for the Latin American left. A magazine that places itself unreservedly on the side of the working class and that goes beyond the sectarian quarrels within the left.

Because the situation is serious and people despair in the face of the crisis. Because the small reforms of the current system are not enough. Because the right and the extreme right threaten to benefit from the limits of Latin American progressivism. And because the rebirth of a new socialism around the world is producing many new ideas and exciting debates.

Most of us are volunteers and support Jacobin after hours by writing articles, translating, editing and much more. For Jacobin to continue to exist, and even go further and grow bigger, we need you now.

Since the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine, production and distribution prices have skyrocketed. **For the time being, however, we have kept subscription prices at below-cost levels so that as many people as possible can access the content of our magazine.

In view of the ever-increasing prices, we need your support now**. Because now is the time to fight against policies that only manage the crisis instead of radically transforming this social system.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

If you help us reach our first crowdfunding level -the minimum level-, you will guarantee that we can continue to exist as we have until now. That is to say:

1) Continue to regularly publish our physical magazine in high quality several times a year.

2) Keep the website running with daily original articles as we have up to now.

3) Develop initiatives around the major social and political issues taking place in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world, such as podcasts, debates, seminars and conferences.

Once we have reached our second level of crowdfunding, we will be able to take a big step forward: finally carry out some much needed updates to the website (sections, archive, search function and much more), launch more video formats and a podcast with space for controversial topics, publish books (in EPUB and physical format), found our own publishing house and organize regular events. This includes holding, for the first time, an international conference that we will title "Socialism in Our Time". We also plan to add new columns on unions and labor struggles, feminism, science and climate, to bring you incisive analyses and critical perspectives not found elsewhere.

We will also be able to develop specific web editions for some key countries in the Hispanic world (Mexico, Colombia, Spain, etc.).

The project is too interesting and exciting to let it go away.

We need you in order to continue it!


Why this is important

Jacobin magazine was born from the impulse of a new militant generation and managed to become the main editorial novelty of the left in decades, first in the English-speaking world and then internationally with editions in different languages, countries and continents.

From the very beginning, the aim of the magazine was to create a community that would build a socialist and democratic culture that could go beyond militant and academic niches and interact with a broad social and cultural environment.

We invite you to support us to receive our magazine regularly, to access the content for subscribers of our website, to receive our new ebooks, but also to be part of this community: to write, publish, discuss in reading circles.


Team and experience

Who is behind the project?

Jacobin Latin America is the regional and Spanish-speaking edition of the Jacobin magazine network that was born in 2010 in New York with JACOBIN Magazine and then spread internationally.

The publication began as an online magazine in the U.S. launched in September 2010, expanding to a print edition later that year. Jacobin's popularity grew with the increased attention on leftist ideas spurred by Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. In November 2018, the first foreign-language edition of the magazine, Jacobin Italia, was launched. In 2019 a Brazilian edition appeared and in 2020 a German version began publication. A few months later, our Spanish version, Jacobin América Latina, was launched. Recently, the Dutch edition was added. And there is also a close collaboration with Tribune, the English magazine.

Notable contributors to Jacobin include David Harvey, Nancy Fraser, Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis, Jeremy Corbyn, Pablo Iglesias Turrión. Michael Löwy, Sam Gindin, Clara Serra, Guilherme Boulos and Álvaro García Linera, among others. All collaborators are part of the socialist tradition understood in a broad and plural sense. We have a prestigious Advisory Board composed of Latin American intellectuals of great prestige, such as Michael Löwy, Enrique Dussel, Maria Emilia Tijoux, Marilena Chaui, Verónica Gago, Álvaro García Linera, Claudio Katz, Claudia Korol and Massimo Modonesi.

Jacobin Latin America is a non-profit association, self-organized by its workers, which promotes critical and radical thinking.

Behind this call for crowdfunding are the editors of Jacobin América Latina. Our main editor, Martín Mosquera, our editor-in-chief, Florencia Oroz, our design team, as well as many other collaborators who make the magazine possible through small and large daily contributions.


Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • No poverty

    Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

  • Climate Action

    Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere.

  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

    Access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.