After 80 days and a lot of movement, and now that the complete cycle of the first projects with we launched the platform is over, we're starting a series of regular updates about Goteo and things we've been chewing over: progress updates, ongoing developments, challenges and where we are going in general. We welcome comments on the posts or if you want to get more involved, please get in touch here):

  • Focus Prize For Open Knowledge: Thanks! After an intense campaign resulted in many votes, and with the additional merit of "beating" even Wikipedia, Goteo has received the prize for a successful organization. Various people have worked in different ways from the beginning to make Goteo happen so we are really happy about the prize :)
  • Completed 1st round for projects, validating the 2nd phase: The second funding and support round recently ended for Tuderechoasaber (150%), Bookcamping (150%) y Nodo Móvil (149%). The percentage shows that they have reached a sum way over the minimum needed and, although we have to make improvements, we believe that this validates the need for this additional period. Freedonia (164%) and Infinit Loop (104%) are now in the 2nd phase and we hope that more of thenew projects will be joining them shortly.
  • Campaigns, coverage and reach: We are progressively opening project campaigns and learning from their evolution, even those that don't reach their objective. There are various ongoing conversations about great projects to present, but our capacity is still limited, and besides, no-one ever said that thisopen crowdfunding would be easy: objectives, needs which are not only monetary, collective returns, ability to create buzz and other factors must be taken into consideration.
  • First node shortly, talking to more: We are meeting with the ColaBoraBora Team for some intensive work sessions to launch the first Goteo node, which will shortly be unveiled in the Basque Country. This will be the first of the autonomous Goteo platforms, which we are also working on for other places.
  • Workshops in Berlin, English interface: The crowdfunding workshop, based on the research by Goteo continues, adapting to the needs of collectives and organizations interested in the commons. One of the next workshops will take place from February 22-26 in Berlin as part of the Citizen Art Days, once the platform and projects are almost 100% translated into English.
  • Finishing improvements to the interface and code: Another of the things we've been working on lately is the improvement to the platform and new modules to visualize contributions and specific campaigns, which we'll be launching soon. Afterwards we'll be preparing the code to release it under an AGPL License. We'll also be starting to talk to collectives and initiatives interested in adapting it and contributing to development.

And, if after reading all this you still haven't contributed to Goteo...leave a comment or give support! Comment on this post or support a project that interests you from those need your contribution right now.