How to go from the crowdfunding to the crowdanthropy: the sessions FundLab

Here we come again (from First Part) and this time we will tell you about the lands that go from the Crowdfunding to Crowdanthropy, the meadows of the FundLab and other various wonders.

In the Foundation we are very happy to see how well crowdfunding works and checking that it has already become a tool as well known as accessible to everyone.

For our part, we know that we can go even a little further, so this year we have introduced a new concept: the crowdanthropy, whose mission is to transform the financing mechanisms and open them to civil society.

Like all experiments, it is better to carry it out in laboratories 🧪. Therefore, in October, we organized in Barcelona our first of 5 FundLab sessions.

In these Fundlab sessions, the Goteo Foundation meets with civil collectives, institutions and people who want to finance initiatives to jointly find new financing mechanisms and thus get these economic resources that already exist to the initiatives that will make good use from them. If you want to know much more about this concept, you can visit at any time this post really extensive and concrete.

In this initiative we are in good company since we are part of many other organizations at European level that we row together in that direction. These FundLabs are part of the project Empowering Early State Investors, funded by the H2020 program, which aims to train investment people across Europe by connecting them with other entities, thus stimulating a multi-agent fabric: crowd experts, foundations, philanthropy, ethical banking, social investment and legislators. In this sense, beyond a platform of civic crowdfunding, Goteo is also developing as a laboratory to test different ways of collaborating by contributing innovative ideas for social entrepreneurship.

What and how do we spread the word? Let's talk about Communication!

This is one of our most important tasks: to communicate all that we do with clarity so that everyone can make the most of it.

  • Citizenship that you self-organize and want to carry out a crowdfunding campaign to improve your environment
  • Institutions that have a budget to allocate in the improvement of society
  • Patrons who want to redistribute part of your legacy and give support to a social cause

For all this we make use of as the main website and we spread the campaigns through social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Follow us! 😜)

We know that there are some big fans that visit our page daily, as if we were their morning newspaper, and we love it. We also understand that other people prefer to be up-to-date in a more summarized way: for them we make a biweekly newsletter where we make a summary of our activity and y now it's being received by 89,574 people.

We also periodically publish reports on our activity as well as opinion articles on current issues in the Blog de la Fundación Goteo, which has more than 5,299 visits per year. Here we talk, among other things, about feminism, social economy, Sustainable Development Goals, direct democracy and immigration.

Among our favorite publications this year we would like to highlight: #GoteoCultureMakers, launched via social networks to visualize experiences and learnings from creative initiatives in Barcelona that we help fund as LaCol (Construir en Col·lectiu) or Som Mobilitat (Compartim vehicles elèctrics).

Finally, the joint effort is reflected in the presence in different general and thematic media (press and television), with articles and studies of our crowdfunding model. Among others, we have appeared in El País, LaVanguardia, Blogs 20 minutos, El Periódico de Aragón, El Economista, El Diario Vasco, El, Tribuna Feminista, El Periodico,, Panenka, Pamplona Actual, Banca Ética Blog, Europa Press, La Sexta...

Networks and events in which we participate

Before starting to weave networks we believed that the union is strength, now that we have been doing it for some time we know . This 2018 has been a very intense and rich year of stimuli, during which we have participated in many activities, events, workshops, and close alliances and strategic collaborations. Drip is rural and in our actions it has been proven. We consider rural depopulation and ecological transition as situations of high importance that must be considered very carefully. For this reason, we have focused on a strategic path: the strengthening of the economy and social innovation for rural development in harmony with other organizations at the local, state and European levels. The highlights would be:

At the state level

  • We took part in the First Social and Solidarity Economy Forum, in Gijón, organized by the community development association El Telar, to support the accession of the Asturian community to REAS (Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy Networks).
  • We share experiences of communities that finance social entrepreneurship projects in the UNED summer course in Madrid Ecosistemas de emprendimiento social transformador: comunidades para la generación de riqueza económica y social en el territorio.
  • We collaborate in the course Social and Solidarity Economy. Employment Projects with Social Purposes. Building Fair Economic Relations, organized by the University of Valladolid, with the conference, "Other initiatives to support social projects: and Asociación Fiare".
  • We visited the Semillero de Valnalón in Langreo (Asturias), to present the Goteo platform, on the one hand, to the projects developed there, analyzing the requirements of social innovation in its programs to boost entrepreneurship, and secondly, to the technicians and advisors of Valnalón.

At European level

  • We are part of the "round of investors" #SOCINV Inversores para la repoblar la España vacía, in Soria, organized by El Hueco, as an event prior to Presura II Feria Nacional para la Repoblación de la España Vacía, with the aim of presenting social companies with proven track record, validated business models, positive social impact in the rural world and in a situation of being driven by a group of investors of impact in our country.
  • We participated in the Asamblea General EURADA(European Association of Development Agencies) in Oviedo, explaining the platform model and the matchfunding proposals before the possibility of establishing future collaborations, with the presence of 300 representatives of companies, technology centers, research groups, social agents and institutional representatives.

Code and new developments

All this activity offline, which is said in these internet times, would fall on deaf ears if our online crowdfunding platform was not robust. (Thanks Javi! 😉). As we are OpenData, we list below the improvements that have been carried out this year and we remind you that everything necessary to operate a crowdfunding website like ours is available in this repository.

  • Home + SEO -- January 2018
    New Home Responsive
  • Foundation space: New Blog - March 2018
    A proper space to provide the Foundation with a voice under the subdomain
  • Donate -- May 2018
    New Landing Page Responsive de Donation to the Foundation with transparency information facilitating the donation.
  • New admin -- May 2018
    First version of admin redesigned with responsive format, and internal stats.
  • Pitch&Match -- July 2018
    Own space for Matchfunding, where you define pitcher/matcher roles and service visibility.
      Intermediate pitch form for projects that apply to calls with data requested by convener expressly.
  • My story - August 2018
    New skin for user profile and form to send personal experience in Goteo
  • Matchfunding Gamification Calls -- August 2018
    Nueva opción para cambiar la multiplicación de aportes a otra cantidad
  • New landing workshops and fundlabs -- October 2018
    Possibility of creating specific landings for workshops and fundlabs of the Foundation. It offers all the information related to events with a responsive design.
  • Online donations to Foundation -- December 2018
    New option to make online donations to the Foundation, obtaining their certificate at the end of the process.

Our Accounts

At Fundación Goteo we try to be as transparent as possible and accountable, above all, to all the people who contribute to the project's mission. Because of this, we have a web just to show you what happens on the Goteo platform and a post with detailed accounts.

Income of the Goteo Foundation in 2018:

Expenses of the Goteo Foundation in 2018:


We wanted to thank the entire community of Goteo, especially the micro-patrons and collaborators who make the Goteo projects can be carried out. Also to all those promoters of projects that choose Goteo as the platform that best represents their way of thinking and working. To the institutions that risk experimenting with new forms of financing, breaking molds and innovating in the public sphere, and the volunteers that make our platform available in a multitude of languages!