❤️‍ Do you know that precious gift that is given to us at birth as our only opportunity to experience, grow and love... and that one day we will have to return? This is a very happy week at the Foundation, as two brave members of the team return to activity, who for different reasons have needed a period of rest and recovery.

👭 Two people in whose circumstances we could all see ourselves reflected and recognize each other, although sometimes it scares us, as passing and ephemeral beings that we are. Today especially, we want to celebrate having them a little closer, sharing this hurricane that sometimes takes you where you want to go but other times deviates you from the path and that is sometimes unpredictable but always necessary to move things. This hurricane and this breathe that we call life.

📬 In this newsletter we bring the fire of music to warm hearts, meeting spaces that challenge the established to demonstrate that another economic model is possible and a transfeminist photography festival focused on grassroots struggles. If you blink, you miss it! Happy reading and happy activism!

Lumbre 🔥

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🎵 Eva Calero is a singer-songwriter from Albacete with a great passion for music. She started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and has continued studying and composing songs for all these years. Her current project is to materialize her first album called "Lumbre", a compilation of some of the songs that she has been composing over the years.

🔥 "Lumbre" will be a mixture of different influences and it will sound like roots, family, a small town house... In order to record this album, Eva has chosen to do crowdfunding, since recording an album is a very elaborate and expensive process in which many people participate.

😊 If you also want to be part of the community and be able to make the project possible, with your contribution you will receive rewards such as illustrations, poems, personalized songs, private concerts and other special rewards. at goteo.cc/lumbre.

Use and Reuse Space ♻️

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♻️ "Usar y Reusar" is one of the first zero waste stores in Spain with the main mission of training and accompanying us on the path to a kinder life with the planet. Now, with the aim of dealing with greenwashing and offering a space for training and empowerment for those who seek to live in a more sustainable way.

👣 His first step will be to open a space in the center of Barcelona, which they call "anti-store" and will offer a physical store, courses, workshops, talks, barter events and activities to promote the reuse and repair of objects. In addition, the space will also be a place for small projects that are looking for a commercial space, cooperating in a co-working format.

👉 Supporting this project means challenging what is established and helping to demonstrate that another economic model is possible. Give them a hand at goteo.cc/usaryreusar!

UllalFest 👁️

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🎬 ULLAL is a transfeminist photography festival focused on grassroots struggles, resistance practices, and dissident bodies. Its objective is to bring photography and social movements to the city of Barcelona closer through a collective exhibition, activities, talks, workshops and guided tours.

👁️ The festival will be self-managed and collaborative, working with different platforms, entities and associations with the transversal axes of feminism, anti-racism, the anti-colonial perspective and environmentalism. Its mission is to be open to all people who use photography as a means of expression, prioritizing transfeminist perspectives and artistic productions generated by people who are not cis, white and heterosexual men.

👉 In a global context loaded with fleeting and ephemeral images, but produced from a hegemonic visual regime, it is necessary to generate spaces for creativity that question the roles assigned by the media and institutional accounts in goteo.cc/ullalfest.

Sign up for the next crowdfunding workshop promoted by the Junta de Extremadura!

Image of the Crowdfunding campaign for the Social and Solidarity Economy

🤝 The "Junta de Extremadura" is as clear about it as we are, so it has invited us to solve all the doubts that there may be about how to manage a campaign to attract crowdfunding and the date will be this coming Friday, January 27.

👩🏻‍💻 In this meeting, our colleague Sandra Yáñez will share the keys that must be followed to properly design and manage a campaign to attract funding through the crowdfunding model based on donations and rewards. Explaining all the important advantages for companies such as the fact of knowing in a real way the interest that there may be towards the projects before launching them on the market, creating a community around products or services, communicating from platforms that contribute their prestige... and all in a reduced and controlled risk environment.

💻 The meeting will be held online on January 27, at 10:30 a.m. and you will be able to meet several experts in crowdfunding of social innovation projects, as well as projects by independent creators, cultural promoters, and associations. It will be a day and you can register now here!

And you?

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😙 And you? Are you thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign? Well, now you can get a premium consultancy as a reward for a donation to the foundation

🙌 Enter and request a Premium Advisory via videoconference with one of our advisors at goteo.cc/siguenoslacorriente

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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