🤯 What if instead of a beginning and end of the year, there were several beginnings and ends? In the West it is normal to celebrate it on December 31, but in China it is on the new moon of the first lunar month, which can fall anytime between January 21 and February 21; in India it can fall from March to April; for the Zulu people it occurs on the full moon in July... and so on. 🤔 "So, what is the good date?" 😅 Well, maybe celebrating the end of the year one day or another is not too important, but it does show us the power of "normality", a word so simple and powerful that it hides other meanings such as "acceptable", "good" or "desired" ".

🥰 On these dates of so many family, work and friendship meetings, we want to point out how limiting and oppressive it can be to set certain expectations and rules that must be followed to be accepted and belong to society. It seems vital to us to uphold the authentic individuality and expression of each person. "Normal" can reflect and perpetuate stereotypes and biases based on gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, and other characteristics that can be exclusionary and discriminatory.

🤗 And precisely because normality is changing and what is considered normal has varied from one society to another and over time, we want to give you all the strength in the world to question and challenge the hegemonic normality and examine whether these norms and expectations really benefit everyone in society or if there are ways to improve and make it more inclusive and fair.

📬 In this newsletter you will learn about a fictional short film that wants to talk about neurodivergent people, the example of 12 "retired" people with a long way to go and the determination of a group to continue expanding an area of life that is far from the norm. Thank you very much for continuing with us, one more year!

Normal 🫧

Normal 🫧

🫧 Normal is a fictional short film that shows how Elías sees and feels the world, a 10-year-old boy who lives with a bubble in his head, which makes him perceive life and emotions differently from others.

✋ Elías is not aware of the mockery and judgmental looks around him, until one day, Rafa, a boy from his class, damages his bubble, that is when Elías, full of anger, comes home and asks his mother what is wrong with him, why is it not normal?

👉 There is very little audiovisual content dedicated to talking about neurodivergent people and most of them show the point of view of their relatives, of the people who accompany them, that's why this short film is inspired by the filmmaker's son, to put words and images to what she sees and feels and, although each autistic person is different, the desire is for viewers to perceive how wonderful everything can be from her eyes, from all her senses and you can support her at goteo.cc/normal.

12 No Camiño 👣

12 No Camiño 👣

👣12 no Camiño (in english "12 on the Road") is a web series that mixes fiction and documentary, in which twelve university students of the so-called senior citizens begin a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago Sanabrés, a journey that connects Ourense with Santiago de Compostela by a route as beautiful as it is little known.

🎬 This road movie will consist of 6 chapters of 10 minutes each, with a total footage of 60 minutes. We will talk about the transformative capacity of the Camino, the solidarity, camaraderie and friendship that arises between the people who meet during the pilgrimages, and most importantly: we will talk about an enterprising, active and adventurous elderly. Because the Camino is for everyone, regardless of their condition or age.

👉 The objective in this sense is big, but simple: to show the entrepreneurial capacity of these men and women, to promote values such as friendship, solidarity and empathy, and also to talk about the importance of growing older in an active and healthy way. If you also think it necessary and beautiful, collaborate in goteo.cc/12nocamino!

D'espacio a la verita 🌱

D'espacio a la verita 🌱

🌱 The creation of D'ESPACIO A LA VERITA is motivated by the fact that more and more people are seeking contact with an environment that is less intervened by humans, people who want to eat healthy, relax, give time to silence, at the beginning of endless conversations, disconnect from mobile and connect to life.

🏡 That's why you want to create a space for activities and accommodation; in which activities that seek the balance of people are promoted through self-care from an integrative perspective with food, rest, restorative relationships internally, at a relational level with people and at an environmental level with all living beings ; To do this, reconstruct -using bio-construction techniques and renewable energy- an old stone dryer, giving it a new life.

👉 The project is developed in coherence with the environment to propose systems on a local scale as an example and illusion for new projects and you can be a partner in goteo.cc/despacioalaverita.

Now on the blog, all about the Weaving Alliances Conference and the new development of the Social Impact Calculator!

¡Regálanos tiempo!

As you can already imagine, at the Foundation we are always attentive to any opportunity that allows us to continue promoting projects with a social impact.

That's why we've worked hard to bring you two new items. In the first one, we will tell you how it went and everything that was shared in a multitude of training workshops and meetings, new promoters of already successful Goteo campaigns. In the second, how we are developing a new calculator to learn about the social impact of each of the campaigns that you help promote.

Enter, discover and read both entries: Weaving Alliances, Embroidering Futures and The true impact of crowdfunding

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¡Regálanos tiempo!

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