🐾 It is conventional wisdom that even the greatest of all journeys always begins with a small step. The one with the baby that is starting to walk, the one that brought you closer to that person you met and wanted to have by your side all your life, or that first word you wrote when you decided to change everything... This newsletter you are reading began by being sent to a handful of people, today reaching more than 250,000 readers precisely on the back of each of those moments of brave creation that crystallize in social impact campaigns. And that is our invitation today: Do you have an idea in your head and want to plant it in the world? Do you want to see it grow watering it among all? At the end of this writing you will find an opportunity to learn how the previous projects did it and you can present us yours. Are you curious to see how far it can go and the fruits it can bear?

📬 In this newsletter there is everything, a project that has been protecting civil rights for years by providing a free service thanks to the constant support of its members; a new initiative to facilitate access to housing, based on the experience and support of various groups; and an entity that spreads like seeds on earth with the aim of safeguarding the beautiful treasure of a language. We add to the reading the celebration of our biggest fundraising and sponsorship campaign to date, together with an invitation to facilitate the promotion of new proposals. Always with you, we will continue doing those "little things" because they are the ones that, in the future, when we look back, will have brought about the greatest change.

With memory, human rights ✋

With memory, human rights ✋

🗓 In "With memory, human rights" we want to consolidate and strengthen the Irídia Attention and Complaint Service, which exists to assist you if you suffer an attack by a police officer, a prison officer or a security agent private.

😌 It's free and everyone can access it! To guarantee that it is economically viable, to continue defending rights. This crowdfunding makes it possible to cover the costs of maintaining a free service that works independently and rigorously: by participating you collaborate so that the people served have psychological and legal assistance.

👉 Right now, the economic support of public administrations for the service is only 22.9%, and this depends on more than 60% of contributions from private entities and our social base. With your support, it will be possible to continue developing strategic litigation to promote real changes and reduce impunity. collaborate eanosn goteo.cc/ambmemoriaddhh.

Let's make two new solidarity flats! 🏡

Let's make two new solidarity flats! 🏡

🏡 Cooperative housing in transfer of use is a model that is spreading in Catalonia in which groups of neighbors organize themselves to ensure the right to housing and promote community life. In this model, home ownership is collective and is accessed through a non-profit cooperative formed by the residents. This new model is proving to be a feasible path for the right to housing, but it is not yet accessible to all layers of the population.

😙 To deepen the diversity and universalization of the model, Empriu and Xicoira, two new cooperative housing projects located respectively in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona and in Olesa de Montserrat, promote a joint campaign through the FONS. to cover the entry costs to 2 of its flats for people from the migrant group.

👉 This campaign is also special because it marks the starting signal for the FONS., a new platform to grow solidarity in the cooperative housing sector articulated mainly in the Xarxa de Economia Solidaria de Catalunya, and promoted by La Fundació Coop57, Goteo, La Dinamo, Sostre Cívic, holon and coopdevs. In addition, the Fons Cooperatiu ESS itself acts as a Matcher with a fund of €1,000, so take the opportunity to make your contribution, as it will be worth twice as much! goteo.cc/fonspisossolidaris!

A Semente chega a Ourense! 🌱

A Semente chega a Ourense! 🌱

🌱 Semente Ourense is an educational project similar to Sementes de Compostela, Vigo, Trasancos, Lugo and Crunha that intends to open its doors for the 2023-2024 academic year. For this it is necessary to prepare the facilities that have been given by the Seixalvo neighborhood association.

🏡 Financing reforms in the space and providing it with basic equipment will allow the activity to be carried out in accordance with the educational principles that are based on linguistic immersion, co-education, the relationship with the community and nature, secularism and the creation of a model of alternative education based on the centrality of creatures in the learning process.

👉 The campaign aims to raise funds to finance the works of the campus and open the educational center in September for ages 2 to 6 years and will appreciate your support in goteo.cc/asementechega.

We got it because we didn't know it was impossible! 🌊🌊🌊

The campaign who aspired to get the highest amount in the history of Goteo not only achieved it, but continues to break records day after day! More than €270,000 with the support of more than 5,400 people place it, as we already predicted, in #LaMadreDeTodosLosCrowdfundings.

In this way goteo.cc/lonuestroesdeverdad has managed to convey all the enthusiasm and importance that you, along with many other people, have recognized in order to achieve it. We therefore have a 100% independent media outlet, which does not admit sexist advertising, neither from the IBEX nor from those who profit from fossil fuels, for a long time. Thank you!

Free training to boost your #ESS campaign!

Imagen de la campaña Crowdfunding para la Economía Social y Solidaria

Did you know that crowdfunding can boost your Social and Solidarity Economy project? As of November 17, from the Platoniq Foundation, we offer three free workshops and an online meeting aimed at cooperatives and entities that seek to finance themselves through crowdfunding. Take a look at each of the workshops and sign up to learn, connect with other initiatives and launch your own crowdfunding campaign with all the guarantees.

WORKSHOP 1: Introduction to Crowdfunding
Tuesday, November 17 (10:00-12:30)

In this free training workshop we will explain what crowdfunding is according to Goteo. We will give you keys to prepare a crowdfunding, giving special attention to your story, the description of your budget, individual rewards, and your social commitment.

WORKSHOP 2: Tools and strategies for the communication of your Social and Solidarity Economy crowdfunding
Tuesday, November 22 (10:00-12:30)

In this free training workshop you will learn the elements to take into account and the tools at your disposal for the dissemination of your initiative. You will see how communication is a crucial element for the success of a crowdfunding campaign. A well planned crowdfunding also works as a communication campaign, as it gives visibility and projection to the initiative. In addition, impact is amplified, as initiatives can benefit from increased visibility and legitimacy.

WORKSHOP 3: Design of digital governance in SSE projects
Thursday, November 24 (10:00-12:30)

This training will be carried out in a 2.5-hour session in which the importance of having governance systems for initiatives and projects will be introduced, and resources will be provided for the design of digital mechanisms. The objective is that the projects in the consolidation phase know the resources necessary for the design of digital governance systems, and the social impact that the implementation generates in their communities.

ONLINE MEETING: Space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices to promote projects
Thursday, December 1 (10:00-12:30)

An online meeting of 2.5 hours will be organized that will allow the exchange of experiences and good practices. It is about establishing a meeting place between entities and projects that can generate synergies in the short and medium term in order to reinforce their role and promote new initiatives. This event will bring together public and private organizations that promote the SSE, and promoters of projects that will represent the different SDGs with their initiatives.

SIGN UP AT goteo.cc/tejiendoalianzas

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

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