Need synergy and crowdfunding for an open project? There are just 10 steps from having an idea to getting the help of the Goteo community:

  1. Sign up as a Goteo user and activate your account via the email you'll receive.
  2. Create a new project in your dashboard and fill in the form which will appear. There is an assistant to guide you through each step.
  3. Explain the importance of your project and who you/your team are (include links to other stuff you've done).
  4. Detail the costs, tasks and materials needed, defining a minimum and optimum budget necessary to bring your idea to life. Also if you need non-monetary collaboration as well. Important: as project promotor you are responsible for carrying out the project. "Subcontracting" or cost of materials should be a minor part of the final costs.
  5. Choose at least one collective return that "frees" your project to form part of the commons through a free license - educational materials, source code, digital files etc. Additionally, if you want to register your idea or project before it sees the light of day, you can so with our partner for intellectual property, Safe Creative, 100% compatible with copyleft.
  6. Add some individual rewards as incentives, proposing a sum of money for each reward: e.g. €10 to appear in the list of sponsors, €20 to receive something related to the project, €100 for consultation or a personalised version etc.
  7. If the project has potential we'll help with possible improvements before it is posted, agree on the details and you can optimise the presentation. Even if for some reason we finally don't think it is suitable for posting, we'll help out with advice on how to put something into the commons and the keys to crowdfunding, so you've nothing to lose ;-)
  8. The 40 day campaign to reach the sum of money defined as minimum begins, moving the project like crazy through all possible networks. Together we spread the word and create buzz to attract the attention of crowdfunders, following the strategy and tips we're continuously adding to this communication kit for crowdfunding. (only spanish at the moment).
  9. If you reach or surpass the objective of minimum funding during this period, the sum is transferred to you and you can get down to work. It will be followed by a second round of funding to reach the optimum level, so you need to keep your cofunders up to date about how the project is developing.
  10. Reaching or surpassing the optimum funding is the next objective, but you'll receive all money in the second round in any case (except the percentage commission that help us to sustain the platform). Afterwards, in a maximum of 9 months you must deliver the collective return and individual rewards agreed upon.

What do you think? Ready to go for it? As the song says, It's a long way to the top :)