😏 "Mayor: We are all contingent, but you are necessary!" is perhaps the deadliest occurrence ever said to portray gregariousness in front of the authority. Since ancient times (there is the function of the jester), humor has been a great instrument to denounce situations that, however normalized, are still unfair.

📬 In this newsletter we are inspired by the magnificent film by José Luis Cuerda to invite you out of your day to day and travel with your mind and heart. Let yourself be taken to new places to rediscover that there are other ways of living: fascinating, nutritious and viable.

✊ We leave now!

Van Woow 🚐

☀ In summer time, a few years ago, a group of friends make a camper trip through Teruel. In the middle of the high season, in an impressive natural environment, they realize that they have spent several days without crossing with anyone else ... They have discovered, at that moment, the reality of the inland villages that are being erased from the map as they lost people who left for the city to live.

🚐 Therefore, they get down to work and decide to create Van Woow, a collaborative community that connects micro-towns and motorhomes through platform cooperativism, allowing those who travel to live unique and safe experiences and overnight stays in the rural world in danger of extinction.

😍 Do you want to accompany them? Do it in Van Woow.

Resilencio Rural 🤫

🤫 Resilencio are a group of non-profit people, born in the city of Albacete, which begins a transition from the city to the rural world in 2017. Coming from different groups and different professions, from artistic creation to the social field , they cross their paths in an organic way with the objective of leaving the city and starting a life in the rural environment , changing those habits of today's society that they consider most destructive.

🏡 In 2018, a group of people from the collective settles in the municipality of Molinicos (Albacete) in order to find a common space to develop projects that cover culture, the environment, food sovereignty, social aspects, etc. and, at the same time, foster a sustainable way of life that helps to rethink the relationship with nature, the people and their inhabitants.

❤ If you want to know the project better, you can do it in Resilencio Rural.

Documental Alternativas 🦄

♻ This project wants to give voice to different alternatives on waste, sustainable mobility, renewable energy and housing to be able to live in a more ethical, social and environmentally friendly world.

🎥 For this, they will travel through several locations to learn more about each alternative, demonstrate that we have them closer to what we believe and be able to share the initiatives through the documentary to be able to tell them to the citizens. The initiatives that cannot be treated in the documentary will be reflected in the project website with detailed information.

✊ If you also believe it is necessary to raise awareness about the problem of climate change, promote the use of sustainable mobility and encourage institutions to be brave in their respective regulations on waste, energy, mobility and housing, support the Documental Alternativas

Top Manta 🎊

✊🏿 In such a context, we did not want to say goodbye without first congratulating TOP MANTA for being one of the winning projects of the global solidarity challenge #BridgeBuilder 2019 of GHR Foundation and Open IDEO. There have been 450 projects presented from 165 countries making known their initiatives for the promotion of sustainable social changes in urgent and emerging needs of migrants.

🙌🏿 Here we believe it is necessary to remember that every day, thousands of people leave their homes forcibly due to borderline situations. In the case of TOP Manta, the work in defense of the rights of migrants in their desire to develop as citizenship in new places through an economic and equal activity is recognized.


🌅 Without further more, we hope to meet you at our next appointment in 15 days, we appreciate your interest in our micromanagement platform and wish you enjoy many sunrises, which is not a small thing.

See you soon and a hug!